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A Review Of Kindle Unlimited

When I became aware of the existence of Kindle Unlimited I got pretty damn excited.  I’m a readaholic and when I realized I could rent and read unlimited books for $9.99 a month from the comfort of my ample behind, I signed up for a trial.


Kindle Unlimited may be great if you read fiction.  I don’t.  I burned through the books they had available in my chosen subjects (mostly historical, a couple travel journalism books) in 3 days and was left with nothing else to read.  I canceled my membership.

So, if you read fiction, would it work for you?  I dunno, let’s take a look at the current popular fiction books.  Now, keep in mind this is what Amazon is telling me is popular in fiction.  I don’t have a damn clue.  I’m browsing the category of “released in the last 30 days” first.

Here are the titles available on Kindle Unlimited for that category, on the first page.


Ok…ahhh….maybe nothing much has been published lately?

Alright I guess I have to look up specific books so I shall journey to the Barnes & Noble website and see if they can tell me what’s hot.

Ok, here are fiction bestsellers according to B&N.

1.  The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins

Available on Kindle Unlimited(KU)?  No.  Kindle edition $6.99

2.  The Stranger by Harlan Coben

KU?  Nope.  Kindle edition $10.99

3.  The Shadows by J.R. Ward

KU?  No.  Kindle edition $11.99

4.  All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

KU? Nope.  $12.99 kindle edition

Ok, I think you get the idea here.  Maybe some older but still popular books are available?

How about the Hunger Games trilogy?

YES!  All three in the series are available for KU.

So far so good.  Harry Potter?

YES!  All available with KU.

How about one of the very few fiction books I own, Memoirs of a Geisha?

No dice.

For some reason some people like that Nicholas Sparks guy, right?  How about his books?

Nope, not even KU for (gagging noise) The Notebook.

Verdict:   Do your research before committing to Kindle Unlimited.  They are offering a 30 day free trial, so poke around and see just how available the books you want to read will be, and make sure to cancel before that 30 days is up if you determine it won’t meet your reading needs.


How to Stalk Me

How to Stalk Me

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