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Monthly Archives: October 2012

The Walking Dead: My Lil’ TWD and Zombie Meme-a-Thon

It was nice of the bloodthirsty undead to take that break for us, but now THE WALKING DEAD IS BACK! Wooot!  Yeah, yours truly is a deadhead, and I meant to roll this post out BEFORE the series started again, something to tide us all over until the season started.  No surprise I forgot, procrastinated, and repeated those two steps until tonight. But I WILL get this posted before the second episode.  I WILLLLLLLLLL.   Better late than really late, eh?  Eh!  Without much further blather, I present some of my favorite Walking Dead memes that I have found on le internet, and other amusing zombie-related pics/memes/whatnots.  I did not make any of these, credit if known goes to name below photo.

Ok, “that doesn’t count,” you may be saying.  But, what if when you honk as instructed, the coffin lid pops off, and she sits up and waves?  Alright then.  No proof either way.

It’s my blog, I can d’awww on any post I want.


Under Construction

As you may see, lovely blog reader, my pictures are all messed up somehow. In the wrong posts, in the wrong order, etc. I’ll get that together soon. I’m pretty sure I just saw Nosferatu there in my post about online dating, and while I would indeed be interested in a profile that showed some Nosty-love, I’m afraid he just doesn’t belong in that entry. Consider this blog surrounded by orange cones and police tape for the time being.